The Message:

Proofreading and editing services–copy editing, stylistic editing, substantive editing–are available for all sorts of copy. That article or white paper you’re writing for a trade magazine. The ad you’re running in the paper or on Craigslist. Business correspondence. Promotional materials. Your novel! Define and refine your message.

The Website:

Drafting and editing of your website copy is something you just might need. Deborah has a lot of words at her disposal, so she can help you find les mots justes, if you’re a bit tongue-tied.

Deborah also has more than 15 years’ experience running websites, and is able to handle your periodic updates.

The Menu:

Okay, so you have this great restaurant. A stupendous Chef. This incredible menu of wonderful, mouth-watering food. You are poised to hit it big on the restaurant scene.

There’s only one problem: I’ll bet your menu describes all sorts of exotic foods from all kinds of exotic places, prepared in some pretty cool ways. Or maybe it’s full of the best local and seasonal products. I’ll also bet that whether you’re a local or from a land far away, you are not a trained proofreader and editor.

That’s where Message Consulting comes in. Deborah is a food person, and a lover and student of languages. She speaks cuisine. She will make sure that the content of your menu lives up to the content of your kitchen and front-of-house. She will make sure that you don’t say “with au jus” when that’s really not what you mean. She will make sure that your accents are all pointing in the right directions. She will check that your wine list is in good order.

Proofreading services include review for spelling, usage and consistency and digital or hard-copy mark-up of corrections. Well, it’s easiest to call it proofreading, but it’s more like proofreading/fact-checking/editing. It’s really worth it.


As short as you need it to be, within certain practical constraints.

Message Consulting offers daily fresh sheet reviews with quick turnaround to make sure your daily sheet is just as correct as your regular menus.


Can you put a price on perfection? Actually, you can. Billing will be on an hourly basis ($60/hour; half-hour minimum) or as otherwise determined. Contract work such as daily fresh sheet review is surprisingly affordable!